Monday, July 20, 2020

Quite an idyll

Bees and birds have their share,
we have ours:
beans and beetroots,
carrots and kohlrabi,
cucumbers and courgettes
leek and onions,
several sorts of tomatoes,
peppers and potatoes,
apples and plums,
hazel- and walnuts,
not to forget all the herbs.


  1. Plants amaze me, but not often enough. Utterly dependent we are on them, for oxygen, food, scenery, materials... I don't appreciate them often enough. Oh and the barley and malt and the grape. I raise my glass...

    1. Sláinte! Is it still the first Malbec? ;-)

    2. One pint Dark Island and one (large, one third of a bottle) Malbec and off to seek a peaceful night...

    3. May you dream of barley and malt and the grape.

  2. Wonderful presentation!
    I admire and envy people's gardens.I only had a few herbs growing in pots, on my balcony, a few years ago. But I was so proud of using my own herbs in soups and salads.I would have loved to grow lettuce and tomatoes. I regret now that I did not try.

    1. Don't regret, Claude, start trying. Not sure about the lettuce, but growing tomatoes should be easy.