Sunday, June 20, 2021

Beers & Books XCVII– Zülfü Livaneli

At dusk a man came to a village and said
he was a prophet. But the farmers did not
believe him. "Prove it!" they demanded.
The man pointed to the fortress wall opposite
and asked, "If this wall speaks and confirms
that I am a prophet, will you believe me?"
"By God, then we believe you," they shouted.
The man turned to the wall, stretched out his hand
and commanded, "Speak, O wall!"
Then the wall began to speak:
"This man is not a prophet. He is deceiving you.
He is not a prophet."*

Zülfü Livaneli * 20 June 1946

Just for interest translated with (free version). Does any native speaker find any mistake(s)?


  1. What a man of the Arts! A very impressive Wiki on him. Joan Baez covered one of his songs apparently.

    1. Ah, Mark, I am glad you followed the link to his wiki-entry. Yes, today's birthday child is a great man not "only" of the Arts.
      Fortunatley, I don't have to – but in case I had to decide: I do like him even more than Orhan Pamuk.