Saturday, October 08, 2011

Dans le port d' Amsterdam

Jacques Brel (April 8th, 1929 – October 9th, 1978)


  1. Really great Sean. Thanks for reminding. Brel used to be quite popular in this country in his heyday. Not in the least because he also sang in Dutch:

  2. Ah Bertus,
    what a pity. The GEMA would not allow this piece to be watched in Germany.
    I do remember, however, that I have listened to one of his Dutch songs.

  3. Sacre bleu, Jacquot, tu nous tords l'coeur.

    And the people who clap hands (specially that lady with white gloves and hat) probably didn't understand a word about les putains qui se frottent la panse sur celle des marins.

    Well done!

  4. Well, Claude,
    not seldom could I experience that those (who are trying to) appear most docile and hoity-toity, are innerly obsessed with 'dirty' phantasies.

    Apart from that: Great song, matchless performance, hm?