Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday is Skyday


  1. I see a chariot to help us escape from...

  2. Ah, thistime you do see what I did not see, so far. Please, tell me, CherryPie.

  3. To the top right of the picture there is a large white mass. It seems to be sailing forwards and upwards. A chariot, waiting for us to embark on an unknown journey...

  4. Hm. No. Where's my imagination disappeared to?
    I think the best will be to my head on the pillow, and try again, tomorrow. :)

  5. I see the stuff that was me,
    dispersed into molecules
    all floating free.
    No worry, no nothing
    hee, hee, hee...

  6. Windy wind is all I see,
    power for my enemies,
    struggles for me.
    Flickering typos
    in those twisted vapours,
    A smiley just forming,
    The skies are such traitors

  7. CherryPie,
    chariot waiting for us or not: certainly we are on an unknown journey.

    and here is the rhyme for the second line: chemistry rules!

    Don QuiScottie,
    for sure the skies
    are devils in disguise,
    the windmills in the sky.
    smiling typos asking Why,
    betraying us, but otherwise ...

    ... of life and beauty.

  8. Thanks for the inspiration Sean:

    Chemistry rules
    people are fools
    and ruling the chemistry
    is what I call mystery
    Claude might say God
    and so might Cherie
    'It's Omnium!' cries Jeating
    but I'd call that cheating
    and don't ask Don QuiScottie
    for he's clearly dotty
    So look up at Sean's sky
    and ask How and why?
    but if you offer an answer
    I'll call you a chancer

  9. I never ask why
    Looking at Sean's sky.
    Just enjoy the view
    Far and always new.
    Grateful that I see
    Part of Germany
    Coming all the way
    To greet my Friday.

  10. Today I'd like to fly away
    and dance among the clouds
    It's good up there, it's soft and light
    and far from any crowds.

  11. As it deeply hurts
    not to find the proper words
    to praise your art of smithery
    in matters of fine poetry
    I simply write: Thank you three. :)

    [Running to hide under certain rocks of Seanhenge]