Monday, October 10, 2011

Natural Arts


  1. Haha! Cute. Looks like the child of the Venus of Willendorf,

  2. SE bat me to the reference. You will have to call it the Seanhenge Venus!

  3. In a strange way it looks very much like I often feel.

    (PS, the new "Andrew Scott" Blog link in your sidebar has nothing to do with me, even though it has hijacked a defunct url I used to use. Rather puzzling).

  4. @Andrew

    I have noticed that a lot of defunct URLs from former blogs on blogger have been hijacked in that way...

    Maybe you should report it to blogger so that it can be removed?

  5. Thanks Cherie. The thing is though that once someone stops using a blog url then it becomes available for anyone else to use, which is fair enough as there are a lot of people out there with the same name, so I doubt there is much that can be done. Nobody is trying to pass themselves off specifically as me, so far as I can see, although I do think this particular issue may be some automatic exploitation of unused but previously used urls to direct traffic to selected sites. Not sure though. I'll keep an eye on it, because if it they begin to try to pretend they are another specific person then that is a different matter. Sean seems to have removed it from here anyway.

  6. Ashley,
    ... now you mention it ... :)

    who am not to obey to what Ashley 'bat' you to.

    The Venus of Seanhenge will be pleased by your words.

    ... now you mention it ... :)

    so, what does the Venus of ... feel?

    The 'hijacked' blog is no longer seldom boring. Thanks for letting me know.
    And yes, CherryPie's advice sounds good.

  7. To me, all sort of sunken and tired and floppy actually, but comfortable. I think I see something different from others.

  8. Just what I said: something "all sort of sunken and tired and floppy actually, but comfortable". I did not have anything specific in mind.

  9. Ah, Andrew,
    thank you. Not only that I am good at forgetting to reply comments (immediately); often it would take a bit longer until the penny drops. :)

    Interesting: These days it is me who feels tired and floppy, and - not to lie – far from comfortable.
    Well, as said: La gard meurt et ne se rend pas. :)
    The peace of the night.

  10. The back-end of my blog seems sunken tired and floppy. It has stopped email notification of comments...

    It has made me slow and tardy in my responses and anyone who subscribes to follow on comment has been left in the dark also :-/