Wednesday, November 02, 2011

No need to meet



  1. It could be a robot's Christmas tree, sparsely decorated.

  2. Ashley,
    ... and? ...


    ha, now that is an idea.

    I was but thinking of that such pylons are part of human intelligence that enables humans to communicate ... without (necessarily) seeing one another ... shaking hands ... or even caress eachother.

    Yes! At the same time it allows us to get in contact with people we might otherwise never get the chance to meet, let alone to fall in love with or even arrange a date with.
    Coming to think of it, I should consider to decorate that tree(s), hm?

  3. Funny! I was thinking we could use "Katoozom!" instead of "Hello, there!"

  4. Well, I got all complicated with possible definitions of 'meet', 'need' and 'substitute'.
    I'm so pleased to have 'met' people through blogging that I truly like. But I have occasional fantasies of a large amount of money falling from the sky and landing at my feet and my spending that money on a trip taking me to places such as Missouri, Romford and somewhere in Lower Saxony. :)

  5. Ashley,
    not much I can say about Missouri; as for Romford: you are fully aware of that visiting Jams O'Donnell Esq. does also mean 'visiting' Ted, hm?
    Reading what I tried to explain to Stan you will have understood what 'made' me come to decide this very title(s).
    Trying to explain with other words:
    Thanks to such pylons/wires once I could correspond with our son in Argentina, Brasil, Chile, Peru and Bolivia. Amazing.
    Thanks to such pylons/wires "I do correspond with my boss next door via e-mail", only recently an officer told me. What a pity, hm?

    Conclusion: Like any invention the internet has its positives and its negatives.
    The pylons are substitutes, as 'we' do not need to meet (eachother) in order to learn that 'we' do like or even love each other.
    Remember? Almost 40 years ago. Writing a letter. Waiting for the response. Oh, this excitement. This disappointment when opening the letter-box. The joy opening the letter-box and ... her / his hand-writing!
    That's what I mean.

  6. Yes, I do understand. It's Beelzebob I'm worried about, not 'Evil Ted'.
    And if I came to visit you, I do hope you wouldn't run off and hide under one of the rocks of Seanhenge again.

  7. Ha! Looks like you've already vanished in anticipation of my arrival! :)

  8. Ha, Ashley, no! There is but one reason for my late reply: I was searching for you in every nook and cranny of Seanhenge ...