Thursday, November 10, 2011

Fog is back

Today we had the first fog.
Thus, although I posted it before (here & here, in case you wish to read poem and comments),
and before I am going to close down my youtube-channel,
once again:

Hermann Hesse, November 1905


  1. Chacun est seul...Except for brief moments which are truly worthwhile. That's what I told Hermann Hesse when I read "La Brume", in my 20s. He didn't hear my French. I should have learned German!

    Your rendition is so evocative, Sean. Why don't you add more readings, and some of your own poems to your YouTube account, instead of thinking of closing it? Your friends (the other lone trees) would enjoy it.

  2. How nice to hear your voice, Sean.
    I'm at my sister's computer so I was able to see your video for a change.
    I don't think I've seen fog in Australia but I remember making my way through it on my way to school when I was a child in England.

  3. Thank you for allowing me to share your video on Facebook. If there is a place, where we're all wandering in a fog, not knowing the others, it's Facebook. Huge forest of lonely trees!

    Douce nuit, Sean.:)

  4. Claude and Sean: one of my favourite photos is of a single tree at the beach. I can leave a link as I'm back on my phone but if you are interested it's called Sentinel.

  5. Claude,
    I should have learned Italian, Spanish, French, Russian, Islandic,Swahili, English etc. ... and you think you should have learned German?
    As for my uploaded videos: They are of excellently lousy quality, and therefore highly deserve to not be pilloried much longer.
    You are very kind, though. :)

    why (nice)? And how do you like the poem? :)
    Some of the best fogs I remember I lived in The Weald, in Dartmoor and on Achill Island.

    Oh my, Claude,
    now two or three of the seven billion humans, currently living on this planet, will come to the conclusion that we might correspond via e-mail. Well, not to forget some poor souls making their living by putting their nose into people's privacy.
    Perhaps they might get a bonus if feeling able to tell that if it came to wanking I'd rather be a lefty, although in 'real' life I am a right hander.
    ... ha ha ha ha ha ... idiots ...

    what about showing me / us your sentinel?

  6. Hahaha! Do you think that our email correspondence will be revealed in wikileaks, Sean? :)

  7. Wanking?

    Didn't that used to be the capital of China.

    I am confused by you, dear boy (but now mightily intrigued by the content of those emails).

    Use a name like mine to combat Wikileaks. Nobody could possibly guess who I am.

  8. Nice to hear your voice because I often wonder what my blog friends sound like and your voice is gentle and expressive.
    The poem - I agree that ultimately we are each alone and that it is important to know darkness...
    It doesn't really 'grab' me, though.

    And as I am now at a 'real' computer, here is a link:

    I hope it works.

  9. No it doesn't work! I need to learn some more.

    If you can be bothered you can type 'sentinel' into the search box on my site.

  10. Andronymous,
    Didn't that used to be? Didn't that used?
    A slip of the keyboard, I am sure, but not everybody is as innocent as I am. Especially glad I feel for you that Don QuiScottie's path did not cross what he might take as a deliberate attack.

    Re 'wanking'. I think those who wish to know everything about everybody might be interested to know such virtual details.
    As for China: You do, of course, know that they do have elections, too, in China. Allegedly, evely molning.

    thank you, for both your compliment, for telling that the fog did not grab you and for the link. It works.

    There would be much to tell about Hesse, this very poem and more; preferably in another language, though.
    The peace of the night.

  11. "Didn't that used to be..." looks fine to me. What're you on about?

    And that Don QuiScottie sounds like a right wanker, BTW :) LOL

  12. Dear Andronymous,
    Didn't plus past tense, not plus infinitive?
    For you it might look fine, but for Don QuiScottie?
    As for your last little naughtiness: Is it possible you like ripping things out of their context? :)

  13. Ah the infinitive eh? Didn't that used to be a big issue until the court of common practice adjudicated we could split it as we wish?

    I am so glad we recognise that language is crafted by its users these days, for didn't that used to be controversial?

    I shall now boldly go to the noble Don QuiScottie,for he is near, and ask, "Didn't you used to be sane?"

    He will smile indulgently and tell me he is now happy to be in sane, for it is the best place to be. Much better than being in mad.

    To swiftly sleep and not to not not wake for a while, I hope.

  14. , f not ,f if you please, Andronymous.

    I have consulted my atlas regarding Wanking in China. Nothing was found. So instead I entered "Wanking in China" into my searching engine Google, and "Holidays for single men in Thailand" came up? What is that all about?

    If anyone can advise me about Wanking in China I would be most grateful. Interested in its population, I asked my searchable engine "How many people Wanking in China?" I got several million "hits" but none made any sense. That's a big number of hits when there is no Wanking that I can see. So I did an image search for "Wanking in China" and received a message asking me to confirm I was over 18. I give up on Wanking. Your Don is confused.