Saturday, November 19, 2011

Still existing

twin towers


  1. With more truth, honesty and no corruption...

    That is the only way to build castles and towers that will never fall.

  2. I (think I) do know what you mean, CherryPie, and I do agree; but do you think that truth, honesty and no corruption have been the master builders of, let's say, Convy Castle?

    The castles 'Truth, Honesty and No Corruption' are to be built in seven billion minds. Currently.

  3. I think you do know what I mean.

    True castles are not structures they are communities. Communities work at their best with truth, honesty and no corruption.

    However those that would choose to direct (control) those communities are a different matter..

  4. Spot on, Mylady! A fine metapher. I shall take it with me to ponder about.
    The peace of the night, CherryPie.