Saturday, November 19, 2011

Doing what's to be done

Caught cleaning a water butt
by a naughty astrophysicist. Obviously.


  1. Good to see you well enough for the job, Sean.:)

  2. Well some jobs are better supervised Sean!

  3. Did he have you looking for the missing dark mass?

  4. Ashley,

    thank you.
    I could complain how frustrating it is – often if not always – to feel exhausted after the tiniest endeavour (?), or when things take ten times longer than they used to, some months earlier; however, it would not help, hm? :)

    wet insofar as it usually needs some drops of water to clean this and that.
    And no, I still don't do photohunts and other games to support group dynamics.

    it seems to be the fate of ageing people.

    ha ha. I was close to demand 'Geh mir aus der Sonne, Tonne!'.

    ha ha ha ... No, but he asked 'Any proof for Dark Matter, Sean?'

  5. As time goes on and at difficult times in our life it is important to accept help from friends.

    That help boosts, sustains and re-energises :-)

  6. CherryPie,
    emphasis on 'accept'. Yes you are right.
    Personally, I do have no problems to accept. Two months ago, having to admit that I had overestimatetd my power I did not hesitate to ask a lady to help me with two 60-litre-bags of potting soil on my trolley. No problems at all with accepting help.
    It's only that at the same time I wonder where all my strength has vanished to within such a short time. And yes, I am a bit sad.
    However: No surrender!
    And I am no Orangeman. :)

  7. Ahh! I can understand why you feel a little sad.