Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Spake the old woman

"The humans do not need more brains."


"They do not know their bounds."


  1. We are still dipping our toes in the waters of our development. If we can avoid destroying ourselves (IF!_ then the future could be amazing

  2. I agree with the old woman.
    The humans need more heart.

  3. Any old woman will know what she is talking about.

  4. @Claude
    Can anyone else?

    If development=brains why would the future be amazing? Boundaries show us that we have made almost no development.

    What is heart? Why is it related to boundary?

    Why must there be questions when can prove them ALL absurd? (à la Zeno) What can definitions prove but their opposite?

    Truth is proved in brief fragments, but truth cannot be proved by words alone. True.

    Send me a message some time.

  5. I case it isn't obvious I think the statement is (naturally) entirely correct, but people can still misinterpret it. I like to think I haven't. I might be wrong.

  6. Chris - I don't know. I can only speak as an old woman. For nobody else.

  7. @GFM By 'heart' here, I suppose I mean something like compassion. For all living things and then some.
    How does that relate to boundaries? The humans tend towards great arrogance. Arrogance respects no boundaries. We do not own the planet or eachother, for example...

  8. Jams,
    the future almost certainly will be amazing ... if we shall like it or not.

    Yep. While the humans do not know their boundaries, a heart does not have any.

    knowing that you will not mind me disagreeing: No!
    Not any old woman will know what she is talking about.

  9. Dear Chris,
    to prove 'ALL' questions but one absurd, you do have / need someone to ask them, first.

  10. Chris,
    as long as there will be people, there will be misinterpreting. And there won't be less as long as every 12, 10 (?), 8 (?), 5 (?) years there are one billion rabbits ... ahem, members of self-defined homo sapiens more being fucked onto this planet.
    Yes, truth is not (to be found within) but a word, but some words – it's to be found within ... billions of lies.
    No, no no! It's still easy to find. Well, sometimes. For some.