Friday, May 25, 2012

Aristotle's Wisdom*

Recently, CherryPie as her Thought of the Week posted what is said to be a quote of Aristotle (384-322 BCE), i.e Happiness depends upon ourselves, and all commenters seemed to be delighted.

Which is why I  wrote: 
"Happiness depends upon yourself", laughed the rapist, and setting fire he added, "and upon your connection with your maker, ha ha ha ..."

Does everyone think, the victim of such a bastard would consider Aristotle a wise man?

Discuss, if there is anything to discuss.

* The title could also have been ... Aristotle's Wisdom and Kant's Advice or Have courage to use your own reason.


  1. CherryPie said:

    "As to the victims of the rapists (we are all victims of some injustice or other)… They have two choices. Let the incident rule their life or move on (happiness depends on yourself). Obviously it is not that easy in practice…"

    CherryPie is a wise woman (some of the time, at least)

  2. Andrewstotle

    It is quite a compliment to hear those words from a man a consider to be wise.

  3. It's so true, as Atotle said, "We are all victims of some injustice or other"...I really appreciate what Cherie suggests: It's up to us to let it go, and move on with our life.

    And I think that a rapist is never a happy man, specially not at the moment of his crime.

  4. Jams,
    isn't it?

    Andrewstotle, CherryPie, Claude;
    this post was not about the happiness of a rapist, neither do I think that a rapist's victim ought to think "Oh, may he fuck me until I am happy (happiness depends on myself).
    Very probably I am just not able to put unmisunderstable what I mean.

    Trying again: To claim "We are all victims of some injustice or other", is ... [avoiding expletive]. There is a difference between being raped and not getting the very job because being not member of the right party.

    Happyiness? Happiness is something for lucky folks. Unlucky folks seldom are happy.

    The peace opf the night.

  5. But Sean... So often in so many situations, we can be happy or we can be unhappy, depending on the attitude we take to the situation, not depending on the situation. That is the point, and I know it so well to be true. Nobody, including Aristotle, would suggest in all situations. I do not expect to be able to find happiness while having my innards pulled out with a hook, but that was not, I believe, Aristotle's point (nor Andrewstotle's)

  6. I agree with Andrewstotle.

    And some additional thoughts from me.

    We have to make the best of our situations and make them work for us. I am currently going through a difficult phase which is imposed on me. It is a challenge...

    Reading your thoughts again I think you mean political situations?

    If I have understood that correctly (the same thought process applies). That is when people will stand up and speak against the injutices! This leads to 'happiness depends on yourself'

    As I said in my original comment, this is not so easy in practice...

  7. Andrewstotle, CherryPie,
    thanks for your patience. Both you are right, which I knew before choosing to take the advocatus-diaboli-part.
    As I am at it, though: If nobody, including Aristotle, would suggest in all situations, why would this thought be put in such generalising a way?
    It's certainly not a thought of universal validity.

    To me both Happiness to a great deal depends upon ourselves, and Happiness not always depends on ourselves, does sound more precise.

    Need I mention I found and still find much of Aristotle's thoughts slightly impressive and inspiring? In a way, he taught me to use my own reason.

  8. I have advised my dear philosophical friend Andrewstotle that Seanso has been drinking too much of the Devil's Advocat. Andrewstotle nodded, but said, 'Yes, but I do admire Pretty Petty Pedantry, even if over-egged,... but not if it distracts me from my next great thought...'. Then he yawned and slept.