Sunday, May 13, 2012

Flying Dead Flies

There have so far about 1.000 human disease genes been found.
77 % of those have been found in drosophila melanogaster, too.
Following the 'logic' of 'intelligently designed primates'
humans are 77% fly.
... And now let us not start speaking about bicycles.


  1. Looking at most humans I have encountered I think 77% Drospohila is an understatement!

  2. This gives me a touch of morose melancholia.

  3. Most things alive nowadays share a big percentage of basic bits really. We are all relatives of one big family. An unhappy family, often.

  4. And those fine boys in Claude's latest picture have a lot of Claude in them, ready to persist and pass on further. Nice pictures you share with us, Claude.

  5. Martin (at 5) and Kevin (at 4) in Houston, Texas, 1962. Both wearing a tie, and a beautiful smile. Proud to be their mother then, and now.

  6. A silly joke I heard as a young boy:

    Q. Why did the fly fly?
    A. Because the spider spied her.

    Me, I'll take my chances with the bicycle for now.

  7. Ha haha! And I like the fly image. And I do believe that All is One. I believe in a Great Spirit that holds us all together as one, that permeates everything.