Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Keeping Watch


  1. Eoe, there you really got some magic Sean! It's a bit fairytalelike.

  2. Bertus is right. What a handsome image. It really made me smile. At risk of annoying you I'll say I love it! :) Solitary sentinel in silhouette.

  3. I just had another look. It's definitely my favourite of yours. It's a beautiful shot to begin with - composition, the sky, the silhouette. And then it makes my imagination do a little dance. :)

  4. Strange... I see no watch. And what use would the bird have for a watch...? Confusion reigns.

  5. Bird perched atop a windmill disguised as a chimney... obviously. Evil, pure evil. Yet so many cannot see it. Am I to have to keep watch over the entire world? Attack the monstrosity, brave Seanso, Attack!

  6. I see a bird watching something, an implied photographer watching the bird, and a two-eyed tower (or chimney top) watching the photographer. That's a lot of keeping watch.

  7. It looks innocent that bird, but it is keeping its eyr on you as the forces of bird-dom marshal their forces for the final takeover!

  8. Bertus,
    you do, of course, refer to all those ogling creatures in the sky, don't you?

    Oh, Ashley,
    how annoying you are, my dear. :)

    what chemistry expert you are.

    Don QuiScottie,
    a tiny bit exaggerating you are, noble Squire. But yes, I shall keep watching what you call the pure evil.

    blessed be the (Irish)man having eyes to see. ...

    Yes, Claude?

    you are certainly mixing birdish with cattish dangers.

    nah, rather he was calling for his lady who would easily find the way into our greenhouse, but not the way out.

  9. Yes Sean, with the bird talking to them.