Friday, June 01, 2012

Herewith the end of Omnium

is declared postsponed ...

Five years ought to be more than enough, however as I did neither take the time trying to find proper words to explain the Why, and  – more important – to thank all those I do not wish to wish farewell ... I decided to postpone the end ...

... until ... next year.

This might turn out to have been no wise decision. Who knows? I might not find time to say bye-bye before moving to my last dwelling six feet under.

I do know, though, that it is a good feeling to have met a few people.
Thank you!


  1. You are heading six feet under (eventually)? A waste of a wonderful resource. The Don has donated his noble remains to medical science (if they will accept them - they have conditions, and if I die in a messy fight with a windmill, for example, the noble remnants may not be intact enough for their needs, in which case they will unceremoniously burn)... however, to waste such a treasure that could be of use... if not by medical students, then as food for the birds of Seanhenge... We should certainly not be boxed up, but at the very least just wrapped in linen and fed to the plants. But Seanso... we have battles to fight before then. Take arms against our new foe - gloom and sadness - and smite them with a smile, or even, yes even... with a smiley :) And when we do return, ah... home again to peaceful (and in my case Noble) Oblivion, from whence we came, we will have no cares.

  2. Only saints and politicians take wise decisions. I love the unwise decisions.

  3. Ha, Don QuiScottie! Smiting gloom and sadness with a smile(y): what an almost irresistable strategy!
    As for (y)our noble remains: I do keep it with Zhuangzi.

    taking your words for granted, I do like the thought of us being lovers of unwise decisions.

  4. I'm glad you have postponed the end of Omnium. Would that not have resulted in Nullium instead?

    As for my body I get the feeling Shirl will have me in the woodchipper so I can be reused as mulch!

  5. It was great to meet you, Sean. :)

    When I go, I'll be reduced into dust and gone with the wind. I hope that some of me will visit some of you.

    I try hard to follow but I've been slowing down everywhere lately. At one point, when I'm tired and sluggish, I'll do as on Facebook. I'll click "Like" instead of writing my usual, sparkling comments. Nobody can last forever, alas! Thank you for giving us another year.

  6. I do hereby, and nobly, declare that my battles against windmills, smileys and other emoticonstrosities, and typos too, are over! A noble truce having been agreed to alllow (yes, I slipped in a truceful typo) me to devote myself entirely to the one true battle that must remain: Verily, the mighty battle to smite away gloom and sadness, melancholy and woe. Indeed I am, as I type, smiting myself to knock the gloom out from within. Cheer up good people. Don QuiScottie is riding out on Rocinante (whose horsey teeth are now fixed in a forced grin) on a new mission, to make everybody smile and laugh. What can go wrong? Even Dulcinea is smiling broadly as she sees me go... :)) Cheer up everybody, or the Don will be arriving to whack you on the head!

  7. I am glad you have decided to share another year with us.

  8. Empty-handed I entered the world
    Barefoot I leave it
    My coming, my going —
    Two simple happenings
    That got entangled.

    So wrote Kozan Ichikyo in 1360. (At least, that is how his words were translated.) Sean, I'm very glad you decided to share your entanglement with the world.

  9. Jams,
    the end is, of course, part of Omnium.
    Being reused as mulch: Now that's thought I do like.

    that is one amongst several reasons I decided not to offer such a silly thing like a 'like button': I can't get enough of your 'sparkling' comments. :)
    Thanks for all, Claude.

    Don Quiscottie,
    the new quest for me does seem even more challenging than all the others; at the same time it seems to be one even nobler than the others, if I may write so. Thus, as always: I shell try my very best. May my best turn out to be good enough.
    See? To tremendously amusing you and the rest of (wo)manhood, I did implement a lousy typo, to start with.

    you are very kind.
    Actually, I'd like if my hourglass did accept my decison.

    Thank you so very much! It is a good feeling to feel being kind of entangled with some persons, over the years I have come to like very much.