Thursday, June 07, 2012

Venus Transit

A photo of a
Venus transit,

... neither taken by NASA,
nor taken today,
but in June 2004.

Today, thanks to the forecast, none of us would have got up for the 'event'.
We shall wait for better weather in 2117.


  1. And a very nice photo of a black permanent ink marker dot on a white plate that is too. Ha ha ha ha ha...

    Are you laughing Seanso?

    You better be? The Don is nearby and ready to whack... Smile even while sleeping, I suggest :))

  2. Exwhackedly this is what I am going to do.

    The peace of the windmills, dear Andrew. :)

  3. Shane it was overcast here when the transit took place

  4. sic transit gloria mundi...

    tout est transitoire...

    here today, gone tomorrow...

  5. But NOW is always and forever, Claude. The stuff on either side of it is never really there.

  6. Just say that to the chicken I ate yesterday. His "Now alive or dead" is forever gone, but did exist.

    Of course, I'm not a philosopher. And I don't really exist.I just played a big joke on all of you. Have you ever seen me, Astotle?

  7. I can't say that to the chicken you ate yesterday because it is not here now, which is my point, I think... Indeed it did exist in an old now, but not in today's now. Nothing not in today's now exists... But anyway... A more important issue is... You ate "a chicken"? ... A whole chicken? You have indeed been playing tricks on us... You are not a little old lady after all, are you? A bulky muscle-bound weightlifter more likely. In that picture, are you holding both these kids off the ground with one arm for each?

  8. You have a vivid imagination Astotle. You should write a book. ;-)

  9. Here's not only to the eternal chicken. :)