Monday, July 23, 2012

First excursion

Almost ready for the first flight ...


  1. Bon Voyage, charmant petit oiseau! Travel safe.

  2. A child of the black redstart i saw before?

  3. Claude, Jams,
    thanks on the behalf of the young artist.

    cute, isn't she/isn't he?

    Ah, CherryPie,
    so unsure, so cute ... so lovely. :)

    yes, I am almost sure, it is a child of the very redstart you saw before, although there has been a couple having their nest just in the entry-area of Miss J's. and the astrophysicist's castle, vis-à-vis.

  4. With sharp reality, I puncture the mood, and point out that the cat that got the mouse is probably nearby, watching. Nature is a cruel designer.

  5. Nature, dear Andrew, indeed, is impartial a designer.
    Yes. The cat that killed the mouse was nearby all the time. Watching. At a certain point 'ignoring' what was out of reach.
    It's a long story, friend. To cut it short: For about three weeks, neither we enjoyed breakfast nor diner on balcony.
    Any reward? Yes. Being allowed to take this picture, was one.
    A moment of deep happiness. Deep happiness.