Sunday, July 08, 2012


This bee – not only at 10:27 – does not necessarily know
that overproduction of food

does not necessarily feed the hungry.
The answer, my friends, is blowing ...
... in the wind.
Life is life.
A rose ...
is not a rose is ...
... not a rose ...
... is not a rose ...
... is not a rose ...
... is not a rose ...
... is not a rose ...
... is not a rose.
Got it?


  1. I did not get it...

    What I get is that (except for the bland sky, and even with it) nature is beautiful at Seanhenge. And each sky, each rose is splendidly unique...Merci!

    Quel est le nom de cette charmante fleur sur laquelle l'abeille butine si laborieusement?

  2. Sean Jeating's not Sean Jeating
    His use of the name is cheating
    Deception that could be naughty
    Says I who is not Don QuiScottie

  3. And a head may not manage a smile
    until I've whacked it for a while
    done with the fine intention
    to administer antidepression
    And the best use of words
    I've felt long-since
    can be to proliferate nonsense

  4. Your things that are not roses do look very nice, although like Claude I don't know what you are on about. Of course what I see are coloured pixels on an electronic screen, creating a false image inside my head, much like a dream, and far distanced from what is or is not a rose. And now I am thinking too much, again. And I don't know what the nutters in comments 2 and 3 are on about either. "2 amodien" makes more sense, so that is what I will write now, to pretend that I am not a robot.

  5. That's what almost all the fuss was about, Claude: Each rose is unique, none is like the other.
    The charming flower I bought and seeded two years ago as 'bee'-flower(s)'. Its name I do not know. What I do meanwhile have learnt, though, is that bees and many other pollinators just 'love' it.

    Not Don QuiScottie,
    Sean Jeating's use of his name
    is no cheating,
    but just a heteronym,
    says he who seldom is beating.

    Don QuiScottie
    while trying to whack
    please mind your back.

    as long as you got what Claude got you got it. :)

    thank you, friend.

    ha! You got it? I am delighted.

  6. Yes, I got it; but the ghost of Gertrude Stein has her nose out of joint.

    There used to be an ad here for a motor oil that used this, what? device? A mechanic tells us that 'oils aint oils'.

  7. Ashley,
    actually I do not fear Gertrude Stein's ghost and his nose. :)