Thursday, July 26, 2012

Of mize and men

A superior being holding the tail of ...
a mouse killed by a cat.
Be sure, ladies and gentlemen,
any Ahmadinejad, Bush, Chavez,
Putin, Obama, Rumsfeld, Merkel, Monti or Chinese politician

does consider you being a mouse.
For them you do not exist.
Same goes for Cheneys's Dick, Lady Cameron and
any Saudi Arabian prince(ss) of incest.

In case you are reading this in 100(1) year's time:
Choose the name of your favourite politician.

The peace of the nigh


  1. That little mouse had done nothing to deserve death, and publicity. I guess it's the law of nature?

    All the names you mentioned (and past names you didn't, and future names still to come) might not suffer the same fate on Earth. But I refuse to believe that politicians will not be punished in an horrible afterlife that they all deserve.

    I would not shake hands with any of them in life and I certainly don't want my dust to mix with theirs after my death.

    I will NOT delete that comment. EVER!