Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday is Skyday



  1. My, that's unusual to me. And quite dramatic. Those long streaks don't look natural to me, and hence fascinating.

  2. As is said in the previous comment it is a rather fascinating sky!

  3. Ah, some of those pesky cracks along the crystalline fault lines of the space-time continuum. You are lucky they missed you, and not by much it seems. I know a man who may be able to help get that fixed, but he's sleeping at present. Will attend to it as soon as he wakes up.

  4. Ashley,
    exactly those streaks caused me to grab the camera.

    and as I wrote a couple of minutes ago: Eye(s) agree. :)

    Don QuiScottie,
    I wonder, what you would like the man to help getting fixed. Possibly next time I shan't be so lucky? ...

  5. Ach don't worry Sean. If you are not so lucky next time you will know nothing about it, because space-time continuum cracks rip through everything in their path at the speed of light. So you won't see them coming and you won't know they hit you, because you won't exist anymore, and therefore... there is nothing to worry about, is there? And anyway many people think that I just talk nonsense, and though they are fools, they can be happy in their ignorance, I notice. I would like to be happy too, so I am on a quest to become more of a happy fool. I feel that I am making some progress, but there is much more to be done.

  6. Sorry for being late, Don QuiScottie, although ... thanks to my long delay I can state that during the past two months you've made enormous progress on your quest to become a happy fool. Chapeau! :)