Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Re [no] comments

As any seldom boring knows I am these months particularly busy with not commenting.

And I could easily when visiting Jams O'Donnell Esq at The Poor Mouth, or Mijnheer Pieters at Villa gedichten, Lady Limoncello at  Sicily Scene ... .and Chris at god-free morals.

However, as one after the other they changed their comment  box, meanwhile I am just not able to leave comments at Susan'sKnatolee's, Francis' (Attempted Essays), Don QuiScottie's,and some other bloggers.

If anyone knows the 'Why', please let me know.

If no one knows the why, don't worry. None of them is such bad a blogger to need comments of mine.

Thanks for having me.



  1. Try now, with me having changed from the default "Embedded" to "Pop-up window", the 3rd option being "full-page". But then I think Claude once found pop up window caused problems (maybe having pop ups disabled). Can't recall,but please try now, and if it doesn't work report that here and I will try option three. May try that anyhow once I hear from you.

  2. Success. Your comments can come again. So the others mentioned in the post may wish to note that the "embedded" comments box option seems to be the problem (until someone comes along and tells me they can't use my pop-up windows... I will not try the 3rd option until then)

  3. I have mine set to full page. Hopefully that is okay for everyone

  4. Did i change my Villa Gedichten comment box? I didn't change anything. It looks the same as yours, as far as i can see.

  5. In my experience the pop up window always works for everyone.

    The different versions of the embedded window do not always work for everyone.

    That was the reason I moved my blog to WordPress some years ago...

    Both platforms have their different quirks!

  6. Don QuiScottie,
    thank you for your prompt reaction.
    The problem lies, indeed, in the embedded modus.
    I wonder if this is a immanent problem, or if it is my fault.

    your settings are as perfect as are those of Sgt. Pluck. :)

    everything's fine with all your blogs. When recently there have not been any comments of mine, this was but an evidence for my extraordinary laziness. :)

    well observed.
    As we are at quirks: Do you know why when writing comments on some wordpress-blogs afterwards one would receive a(n idiotic) mail to confirm, and when commenting on your wordpress-blog, not?

  7. And commenting with just one word or two on Wordpress generates the idiotic refusal that "Your comment was too short"!

    So instead of saying something like "Haha" I am forced to say "Haha haha haha haha haha," thus creating an impression that I am more jolly than I actually am, which is not an impression I would ever wish to create.

  8. By what the supermacy of is proved


    or not.

  9. My Wordpress blog is not hosted by so I have had to install something to allow the follow up comments.

    The Don has commented in the past that he had stopped receiving the emails but others have always received them...

    As observed above, it won't allow short comments. I could probably go in and change the code to stop that but I am worried I might mess up my blog completely!! behaves differently but it has other issues...

  10. Uff!! Your blog is not (!) hosted by
    What does this teach me?

    Oh!! And what other issues does behave?