Friday, September 14, 2012


Getting close to getting in the fog again, we are, hm?


  1. This is wonderful. Such atmosphere. I wish I had some fog to photograph.

  2. Almost....but the fog lifted up.

    I love the subtle reminiscence.:)

  3. Missing Foggy Old England then, Ashley? :)

    Thank you, Claude.
    Were there not many other 'things' waiting to be done first, I'd like to read 'In the Fog', again.

  4. Also 'beinahe'. Auf jeden Fall 'ein bißchen' (or, after the latest idiotic spelling reform: 'ein bisschen')? :)

  5. It should have been "ein Biszchen"? Well, at least it avoids me pronouncing it as "ein BiBchen". As a child i always thought the German word for street was StraBe, to be pronounced with a very hard B.

    But the new spelling can't be as stupid and inconsistent as the last Dutch spelling reform.

  6. Na, wenn Du meinst, Ashley. :)

    that would be logic, hm, as when being asked what 'ß' means the answer always is 'sz'.
    As a well-informed Dutch you might even know the term 'Reiter-s'. :)
    It does look strange, but 'biszchen', indeed, would be more logic an alternative, eh?
    As for the Whose spelling reform's is more stupid: My Dutch may be suboptimal, but I cannot imagine that your 'Kulturministerkonferenz' could come to think of such ... ah! I bet you don't even have a word like Kulturministerkonferenz. :)