Sunday, December 30, 2012

How exciting

How exciting having blocked comments and thus never coming to read those thousands comments I might have got, and never coming to know how many spams of religious nutters I might have had to delete.

Tomorrow my excitement will end.

May the patience be with you.


  1. May I be the first nutter back?

    I offer you a spam sandwich and free enrollment into my new and only true religion in return for a 1000 pounds deposit for your assistance in clearing one million dollars of my Nigerian friend's inheritance, half of which you can keep.

  2. And, my comment made it through. Your nutter detector robot is defective :)

  3. Oh oh oh, so I lifted the ban 40 minutes too early, hm?!

    I'd immediately given you my bank account number plus pin, had you not pretended to be Don QuiScottie.
    My Squire, the one and only, the real Don QuiScottie would have offered windmill vanes and 2000 year old Helmets of Perthino, stupid.

    And re your second attempt: Don't think you could lure me to clicking your name, you bloody spammer. See my middlefinger erecting, down there in Nigeria?

    Wait till the real Don is saddling his Rocinante.

  4. Puts a tentative too in to try and comment...

  5. The comment moderation said RatUsR - a little worrying...

  6. The first comment of mine should have said toe not 'too'!!


  7. I will keep following posts as much as I can. But I have to slow down a lot now with comments. I'm glad that it's working today and I can wish you all Happy New Year. I'll say hello now and again, here and there. Keep well and happy!

  8. Here I am, another nutter (spiritual rather than religious), come to wish yet another nutter (er, yes, you) all good things in the coming new year and beyond. :)

  9. Don't believe that charlatan Don. For a mere £50 I will ordain you a pastor in the Church of De Selby and the Sacred Hybrid Bicycle

    But clearly you are a man of true discernment. For just £10.0000 I will make you the Metropolitan of Germany and throw in Holland Belgium and Austria too

  10. The Syncopated Eyeball is a Man?!

    I doubt your powers of discernment are deranged Seanso. You have been in the Tavern all night again?

    A Merry New Year wish from the Don, in a similar procedure to previous years.

  11. ALL
    Ha ha ha, I'll answer tomorrow. For now only thanks for making me smile.
    A good 2013 to you all!