Saturday, December 01, 2012

Lousy photo ...

... beautiful bird.

... beautiful creature, was my first thought. I think creature is a lovely word. But then, I do not believe in anyone / anything creating creatures, creating nature.
Which is why I became creative and changed one word in above's caption.


  1. Creatures are created by nature. Be happy with the word again.

  2. I always say "critters". It doesn't suggest creation. The bird is posing magnificently and it couldn't care less what you call long as he grabs a worm, or you give him food.

  3. Well I can't tell what parasites the bird is carrying but it is a beauty!

  4. Nature is beautiful. I think your original caption works.

  5. A fine bridge you built, Andrew. I do step on in. Thank you.

    Oh, that's easy to answer, Ashley. It's just not become the photo I wished to get.

    Hm, not sure, Claude, if kestrels were to be satisfied with worms. :)

    Well said, Jams,
    I do feel reminded of other beautiful looking parasites.

    CherryPie and Andrew 2, Sean 1 :)

  6. I still like this image and that is one fine looking sentient being, whatever you might want to call it. :)

  7. I'd like this photo, too, Ashley, if it were a good one. Thank you. :)