Tuesday, December 11, 2012

In face of Vermummungsverbot

Now let's shovel [snow].


  1. Give it Hell Seanso!

    A sight to terrify any snowfall, windmill, typo, smiley or dark thought of glumnosity

  2. You look like a Ninja in your balaclava mask but I can't see you practising stealth in the snow whilst dressed like that. :) <-- unafraid smiley.

  3. Beautiful eyes!

    It reminds me of "Counterparts", July 19, 2008.

  4. You look like you're seriously set u to do battle with the snow!

  5. That look will melt the snow!! There will be now need to do any shoveling ;-)

  6. My valiant knight, what a keen sense of magic power you have developed under the Helmet of Perthino. There is, indeed, shining mighty fine light, and simsalabim, glumnosity's vanished!

    There is no other explanation for your setting an unafraid smiling, Ashley. You must intuitively have felt that terrifying smileys is not on the priority list of my eyes.
    Their quest, and there the Don's eyes did not cheat him, is to fight dark thoughts of glumnosity with the light of joy. :)

    Ha ha ha Claude. Priceless.

    Jams, I don't look like, I was fiercely battling the snow.

    how did you know?
    I came, saw and [only three days later] the snow melted away. :)

  7. Glumnosity can melt surprisingly in the white heat of bright thinking, if only we can kindle the first fire with just a little spark between flickering neurons. Burn brightly Seanso. Burn brightly.

  8. A fine wish! Thank you so much, Don QuiScottie.