Wednesday, January 02, 2013



  1. Nice voice...Couldn't find lyrics translation.

  2. You have heard her quite often at Omnium's, already, Claude.

    Here's the English version of Lágrima / Tears:
    Full of pains / Full of pains I lie down / And with more pains / With more pains I get up / In my chest I am already in my chest / This way / The way to want so much / Despair / I have for my despair / Within me Within me the punishment / I don’t want you / I’m saying that I don’t want you / And at night / At night I dream of you / If I consider / That one day I have to die / In the despair / That I have of not seeing you Holding out my shawl / Holding out my shawl on the floor / Holding out my shawl / And letting me sleep If I knew / If I knew that dying / You had me / You had me crying / For a tear / For your tear / What happiness I’ll let myself die.

  3. If possible, always at your service, Claude.
    Sometimes it's nicer not to understand the lyrics, hm? :)

  4. In this instance, yes.

    And very often the voice says it all...