Monday, January 07, 2013

May Asaram Baku become 500 years old

There is one rotten bastard in India I wish a very very long life (and not only one):

Asraram Baku, a self proclaimed guru and obviously unpretty influential idiot.

May this evil stupid bastard – and with him all his followers and brothers in spirit – lose all teeth except of one and become at least 500 years old and throughout the centuries enjoy horrible toothache 59 minutes of each hour and both slowly and painfully rotting testicles.

From The Indian Express:
Asaram Bapu holds girl responsible for Delhi gangrape,says 'spare' the rapists, slams media
"Only 5-6 people are not the culprits.
The victim daughter is as guilty as her rapists"

Oh well, there is obviously not only something rotten in the state of India.


  1. Jams,
    that's unfair against this very body part.

  2. What to say? What is wrong with him? IT MAKES NO SENSE!

  3. Qu'il vive 500 ans avec des couilles pourrissantes et douleureuses.

  4. Thinking about this, I've decided better he doesn't live so long; with or without teeth he would continue to spread this cruel, stupid nonsense.
    Rather I think I'd like to see him take hold of the hands and feet of six assailants and tell them he's their brother.

  5. Ah, Claude, could you please (find someone to) translate this into Hindi?

    Oh, yes, Ashley, I see the flaw in my wish(es).
    So may I add that I do additional wish him to wake up and speak a very rare dialect of ... what about temple rats?

  6. I thought the days of magnificent curses were over long ago. I'm delighted you've reinvented the artform for such a deserving misogynist.

  7. Ha ha, Susan, thank you very much.
    I read some comments in which the writers proposed to hang 'His Holyness' together with the murderers.
    He might take the hand of the hangman then and call him brother.

  8. Even better if a lightning bolt of clear thinkimg should hit him, he continues talking and retracts all previous such statements and becomes an upholder of basic human rights and decency.

    My, I have a good imagination. :)

  9. Ha ha, Ashley, perhaps we should put our sources of imagination together in one blog. Yin and Yang, light and dark, ... :)