Saturday, January 20, 2018

Saturday Night Music

Jacqueline Mary du Pré (26 January 1945 – 19 October 1987)

Daniel Barenboim

London Symphony Orchestra

Cello Concerto in B minor, Op. 104, B. 191 by Antonín Dvořák

 A recently re-discovered recording of a concert held in tribute to the people of Czechoslovakia days after the Soviet Union invaded.
Filmed live at the Royal Albert Hall in September 1968.
1. Allegro 0:00
2. Adagio, ma non troppo 16:10
3. Finale 29:01


  1. Best Cellist ever(in my opinion) tragic life. Didn't particularly enjoy 'Hilary and Jackie'. You might like 'Ghost of a Rose' by Blackmores Night.
    Toodles, Mark.

    1. Welcome to Omnium, Mark. It's tragic, indeed, that illness ended Jacqueline de Pré's career so early. What might she have been able to achieve. She might have become a female pendent to Pau Casals.
      Thank you very much for recommending that lovely song. A "Saturday Blackmores Night" came to my mind.

  2. sorry thats just