Monday, January 01, 2018

2017 New Year's Concert

Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra

Gustavo Dudamel

There is no video recorded, yet, but music is for the ears, anyway, hm?


  1. Hi Sean,
    Please enjoy a wee dram of that fine old Scottish whiskey you may have got at Christmas as a toast (in cyber space) to listen to such gloriously performed favourite pieces. If you don’t like that concert selection you don’t like ice-creams. And all the better for the most part (except nice to see the dancers) to only hear and then imagine the conductor’s enthusiasms.
    Best wishes

    1. Here's to us, dear Lindsay. I thought by the time I posted it, it was still New Year's Day in your neck of the wood, and thus you could (at least virtually) spend some time in Vienna and enjoy a Neujahrskonzert.
      Happy New Year to you and the yours!
      Watching Dudamel conducting was really a joy.

  2. Music is certainly for the ears. Thank you for this great concert on New Year's morning.
    Best wishes for 2018. Peace and Joy. Blessings and Good Health for you and family.

    1. Happy New Year, dearest Claude. So you got up early to enjoy this. And there is still waiting a special one for you, with Daniel Barenboim. :)
      Thank you for your good wishes.