Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Merry Christmas

Same photo as last year,
as the year before,
as ten years ago.
Nothing seems to change, hm?

Merry Christmas, then,
Goodwill to all people
and Peace on Earth.


  1. maybe we need help from a higher source.

  2. People in power get consumed by their powerful position and forget their humanity.

    Things will only change when collectively the heart of 'man' changes.

  3. Many, many people, everywhere, do their bit to help others. Maybe we're inspired by an higher source. Or maybe we just find it difficult to enjoy abundance without sharing it with less fortunate.
    Wishing you all a loving Christmas season with your loved ones.

  4. Hi Sean,
    Food security is the key.

    We must acknowledge and address the link between hunger and conflict if we are to achieve zero hunger. Investing in food security and livelihood in conflict situations saves lives, strengthens resilience and can also contribute to sustaining peace.” José Graziani da Silva, FAO Director-Genera

    I have spent some time in Malawi and notice the measures taken over there with increased silos and better farming methods to enhance food security. The tragedy is there are plenty of solutions and just a little money goes such a long way. For instance, over there, there is adequate water resources but no irrigation with too much relance on dry farming. I can understand that People and governments grow weary of aid as a lot is wasted given institutional corruption and conflict. But once living standards modestly increase birth rates tend to fall. The investment required to achieve food security is a lot less that people realise.
    Food security worries increased this year given increased and or continuing conflict in Myanmar. Nigeria, Congo, South Sudan. Yemen. Syria, Palestine – and so the last goes on. You can't invest in a country at war. Jeffrey Sachs had a plan but ……………..
    Best wishes

  5. I see your point, Lindsay.Not sure, though, about the outcome in case everyone had enough to eat, as long as certain shepards keep telling their sheep: 'be fruitful and multiply'.
    On another note: Sachs is not indisputable; I prefer Stieglitz who ist neither...

  6. Hi Sean,
    True, but that quote (or something similar) comes from Genesis, which you may know, also states the context, ‘once upon a time’; representing from inception the style of combing myth and storytelling in the Hebrew tradition. That tradition, directed to principally an easternised audience, is unfamiliar to us today and is further complicated by at least 4 distinctly different literary styles. Although it may appear relevant in isolation it was never meant be interrupted in such a literal manner.
    On Sachs versus Stieglitz, I think one could have endless debates. At least we could agree that both are advancing credible policies aimed at a more sustainable development. Like the mirror of nature ideas well take root but need to be updated as we evolve and become more open to new ideas.
    Best wishes