Monday, March 09, 2020

Infected with hystery

Note: Meghan & Harry are not infected, yet.
Readers choice: unidimensional, almost

One could come to think these are screenshots from tabloids.

Cui bono?
Who does profit?

Anyway, those who have hoarded enough toilet paper are on the safe side.


  1. Thankfully the UK Government decision today was sensible, accepting medical advice. But that of course will not stop individuals being stupid. Neither will it stop the media from reporting nonsense for sheeples to follow.

    1. Far from trying to downplay the problem I posted these two screenshots. I find them just interesting, as they are contradicting what is to be heard all the time: "No one should panic, but ..."

  2. It is interesting. The medics explain the virus in great detail and the media whips up hysteria. Shoppers clear the shelves of toilet paper.

    I had to go into three different supermarkets today to try and get a list of items for a weekly shop. In all of them the shelf for toilet paper was completely empty! A few other random shelves were empty too.