Wednesday, March 25, 2020


Last March...
the view ...
on the way to "my" pool.
This March my view ...
... in Seanhenge.


  1. Nature is always surprising, even when so expected.

    1. It is. There are many pleasures for the eyes to see, not only in Seanhenge.

  2. Lovely :-)

    I am missing the freedom to explore spring this year.

  3. As a villager I do not miss any freedom yet; interesting, though, in town to witness how disciplined (most) people (suddenly) can be. It took a while, but now it seems to work.

    1. During the past two weeks I have seen people walking past my window who have never been there before. All the regular walkers and all but one of my neighbours are staying in the house apart from essentials. This and supermarket behaviour has shown me that quite a lot of people haven't understood why they need to be disciplined in their behaviour for a short while.

      Prior to our partial lock-down I rarely saw anyone when setting out on foot from my house. The exception being walking to and in a nearby woodland area where people walk their dogs.

      Now the clocks have moved forward (in the UK) there may be suitable time for me to go for a quick walk when most people will be eating their evening meal. I might yet get see spring emerging and the new duckling on one of my favourite walks :-)

    2. My reply seems to have vanished into the mystic ethers...

    3. Rather in the mystic moderation modus. ;-)
      Because there had been lots of spammers again, I changed to moderation of comments on posts older than three days – and forgot about the checking. Sorry.
      But now.
      Here the distancing seems to works. For me no problem anyway, as I like and "need" solitude.
      Of course, life here has also changed a bit. The grandchildren who normally each day would cross the road for a visit for some hours and sometimes stay over night, now do stay at home, and we do only chat from window to window, and once a day I do cross the road to put one of their favourite sweets on the door post. ;-)
      Shopping I go only once a week, although, so far, our community officially is one of the few being virus-free.
      And now I shall click on "publish", hurry to comment moderation and affirming myself that I am no spammer. ;-)))