Thursday, March 26, 2020

Laughing Lhursday* – Deadly serious

How serious is it, really ... ?
Deadly serious

* [For first time visitors]:

Typo in the title?
It's just that I would not let a tiny T spoil an avantgardistic alliteration.


  1. We have plenty toilet paper here, but reducing supplies of optimistic cheerfulness. The planet is fed up with us, perhaps. Time to teach us a lesson (which we won't learn).

    1. Ah, this overlapped with my comment on your blog. So you do have enough toilet paper. I am releaved. ;-)
      The thought sounds dark, but yes: it seems "we" are getting what "we" have been hard working for.
      And yes, again: "We" won't learn the lesson.
      Perhaps I wrote that before: Sometimes I wish I were a humble gardener who loves poetry.

    2. I do recall Old Voltaire had something to say about tending our garden

    3. Yep, Candide.
      Not sure, if certain people would call it a kind of escapism. But the longer I live, my fighting spirit fades. Not my contempt with certain people, though.

    4. maybe the likes of us should rise up and fight, but we are tired... I could polish the lance, but it is heavy...

    5. It's not that I were tired ... I tend to think it is just not worthwhile. And that is so sad.
      As I do see my grandchildren ...
      Maybe the likes of us should overcome their tiredness, rise up and fight ...

    6. I will rest a bit further, then maybe rise, with words, most likely, shouted at windmills. But I really am tired, in at least two ways. Goodnight.