Monday, June 08, 2020

Hymn to Freedom

When every heart joins every heart and together yearns for liberty,
That's when we'll be free.
When every hand joins every hand and together molds our destiny,
That's when we'll be free.
Any hour any day, the time soon will come when men will live in dignity,
That's when we'll be free, we will be
When every man joins in our song and together singing harmony,
That's when we'll be free.

Dione Taylor

Oliver Jones (11 September 1934)

Dave Young (29 January 1940)


  1. Looking around the world, I have to say unfortunately not coming to everybody any time soon (or ever).

    1. I have a dream! ... that very probably will not come true.

    2. Thank you for the lyrics. Sharing this post on FaceBook. Very much needed presently. It's a slow dream. It might never happen. But better to sing about it than to speak and to act revenge and despair.

    3. You are welcome, Claude. You are right with what you write.