Friday, October 22, 2021

Friday is Skyday




  1. Tha an t-adhar glè breagha anns an Seanhenge.

  2. On a nice planet, if only so many of us were not so determined to wreck it, or at least wreck it for us. The planet itself will be fine, one way or another, but it has much unpleasantness in store for us over the next 100 years or so unless something major changes, but I expect the only thing that will finally prompt major changes will be the major unpleasantness. With apologies for sermonising. I have been away, thinking.

    1. Your last post was allegorical - I realise now.

    2. Hmm Mark. Not quite, or perhaps I mean not only. Ach I will just remain enigmatic (and annoying?). Everything was literal, and metaphorical, and allegorical, all at the same time. Yes, I am annoying. Sorry. But I am ok, i think, thanks.

    3. The generation, born after the shortest of all millennia (1933-1945), might not only have had "the grace of late birth", but also will enjoy the grace of timely death.
      Children and grandchildren are the ones who will suffer.

      Anyway, welcome back from thinking, Andrew.
      Isn't ageing interesting? We think and think and think ... and then everything is forgotten.