Thursday, January 20, 2022

Beers & Books CXCII – Giulio Stocchi

Con questa poesia della tua gloriosa penna in mente
alzo il mio bicchiere, caro vecchio amico.
With this poem from your glorious pen in mind
I raise my glass, dear old friend.

* * *

L’amico che è morto
di notte mi torna
a parlare
Mi chiede notizie
del mondo
che ha dovuto
Ascolta ciò che dico
Poi scuote la testa
e scompar
The friend who died
comes back to me at night
to speak
He asks me for news
Of the world
that he had to
He listens to what I say
Then he shakes his head
and disappears

Giulio Stocchi (20 January 1944 – April 2019)


  1. Do comments even on the last but one post need approval now? I ask because I commented, but was told to await approval (or disapproval, perhaps). Waiting for Approval - did someone not write a silly boring play along such lines, sometime?

    1. Indeed, I set moderation for comments older than three days. It spares me quite a few spams.
      Right now I changed it to seven days. We shall see.

      PS: As for your side blow regarding one of the most magnificent pieces of theatre literature: It's night, Godot has not come, and you are forgiven.

    2. Ach no, I was not referring to any magnificent piece of anything, merely to some utter tosh (although I suppose perceptions of the same thing can differ - it's allowed, thankfully).

    3. Oh, so I misunderstood you. What a pity. I found your allusion, which was not an allusion, very amusing.

    4. Unless you have misunderstood your misunderstanding...

      The "tosh" I was referring to was indeed the Waiting for... tosh you do revere. Tosh v Magnificence... all in the eye or mind of the beholder.

    5. Quite. And a man and a donkey know more than a man.

  2. Replies
    1. My friend was a wonderful poet with a fascinating voice.

  3. A wonderful poem, and a wonderful friend. Win/win.

  4. He was your friend! He certainly crafted his words well.