Saturday, November 17, 2007

Another self-styled elite

Nothing is as old as yesterday's news, unless you would not find it in "your" media.

Alright, a conference titled "Muslim World in Transition: Contributions of the Gülen Movement" being hold, let's say in Erzurum would probably not attract many media to send a reporter team to Anatolia.

But when above mentioned conference takes place in London and is being inaugurated at The House of Lords one might think this would attract some interest
in times when the Labour Party's "favourite think-tank" favours the idea of downgrading Christmas in favour of festivals from other religions to improve race relations.


Well, it's good for Fethullah Gülen to have a
Journalists and Writers Foundation spreading his words and running his own newspaper.

In Today's Zaman - by the way, a nice little gem: Reading Zaman (Times) backwards you get Namaz (Prayer) -, October 27th one could find following headline: "Gülen Movement forms supranational new elite".

Two days later, Fethullah Gülen's most eloquent mouthpiece, Mustafa Akyol, in the Turkish Daily News let follow this column.

The final sentences:
"Alas, if the Islamic world will be able to breed a “dynamic” interpretation of its faith, then Turkey, it seems, will be one of its main architects. So, keep watching."

So be it!

For a beginning, apropos watching: what one would neither find in the articles above nor in this opulent file, you will find in this enlightening article by ... ? ... by ... ? right: by Mustafa Akyol.

Lots of links, dear readers?

Ah, it's just but a shortlist. :)

There are many more. Too many for one post.

More about this issue as soon as my closest friend is back. Today he sent a message.
"Am in Erzurum. The
worshippers of dead
sardines' heads are
forming a
supranational elite.
Until soon,
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  1. A nice piece of detective work, Sean.
    Given the views held on ID, it would be interesting to see a transcript of the House of Lords speeches.

    And given that, the trail must logically then lead to the various think tanks, one of which you mentioned, and When they make an announcement on ID, and What the contents of that announcement will be.

    Methinks a future attack is brewing, and the ethos of that attack may well be fermenting in many other "charities".

    Nice work!

  2. Downgrading Christmas? Theze are serious morons we're dealing with here.

  3. Not morons, James.
    Clever, disingenuous, long term planners.
    And they do not have our best interests at heart.
    Ever heard of "good cop, - bad cop"?

  4. Sean, This is a very interesting article. I did not know that the Zaman newspaper was owned by Gulen.

    The movement seems like a Business to me. In fact this guy has five schools in the State which I live. I have a girlfriend that teaches at one of the schools, but she does not send her own children there. When I asked her why, she responded that she worked at the school because it was conveniently located near to her home. She sends her children to a Private School which is affiliated with the Uniting Church because Isik College was an unrealistic environment for children living in Australia.

    Many Turkish Nationalists don't like his schools either because there are no Pictures of 'Ataturk' displayed for the students. Although that might sound trivial, it is rather important if you are a Proud Turk. I know when I went to school there were always photos of the Queen prominently displayed around the school and her pictures are displayed in hospitals, RSL Clubs, etc.

    I really do not know what his agenda is, but he certainly has made alot of money through his organization. He came out to Australia recently, but our Turkish-Cypriot mosque did not entertain him, but I noticed that he was invited to a Bosnian mosque. ???????

  5. Thanks, Anon.
    You are right: Is fear eólus an uilc ná an t-olc gan eólus. - Better is knowledge of evil than evil without knowledge. :)

    that is why I connected these two dots in one post.

    they run hundreds of schools worldwide. It's the old (insidious) game: Indoctrination of the innocent, manipulation of the simple-minded. A promising strategy, isn't it? :)
    Of course, it's quite a bit more complex a matter, worth going into detail.

  6. Sean, I really don't know what to think about gulen. These conferences audiences are mainly Turks.
    I like rumi more