Saturday, November 03, 2007

There is still hope

Ladies, gentlemen,
readers and leaders beyond authority,

what a marvellous week we had, Tetrapilotomos and I,
he brightened the earth, I polished the "Why" [sic: not the "sky"]

In other words: I did some research.

And the few hours Tetrapilotomos and I shared we spent watching an old spider
weaving its net and then waiting for its prey.

End of the beforegoing.

Such tiny questions, and what reactions. :)

to cut it short: Quite a few leaders beyond authority vistited my blog since October 29th.

As I know, my frequent readers and my friends will let dispense lenity;
therefore, some lines exclusively for leaders beyond authority:

It's not easy to make a living. You may have a family. Therefore I am happy you have found a job that fits your abilities. Last not least, undoubtedly you are just fulfilling your order
[which, by the way, most war-criminals would say when being accused of atrocities].

Indeed, my heart rose like a falcon up to the sky when noticing that one member of your team of leaders beyond authority would even check the label "Omnium". A real
connoisseur. Chapeau!

I hope you enjoyed widening your horizon at the expense of British tax-payers, although I am sure with a little more organising ability at least one of you could have checked the books and within minutes sent me the answers, at least the one for question b.

Ah well, nobody is perfect.

Now you read my advice which is, of course, free of charge - as I wish to disburden your tax-payers - I am waiting with burning patience, though.

Yours sincerely . . .

And now - not to leave you lost - some facts for you, dear regular readers:

a) The leader beyond authority visiting via Common-purpose-net just stayed 1 min 56 secs.

b) afterwards I got visitors via the mentioned GSIs and some other enthusiasts; one (?) would even stay for more than nine hours [although I hope there was a shift changeover; it's not good for one's eyes to be online such long].


Now wouldn't I hide my light under a bushel, but this was amazing.
Such innocent tiny questions - which by the way occured while researching into something completely different - and such a traffic on my site?!

I mean, I did just ask [, didn't I?].

There is no reason to mistrust a charity - I repeat: a charity - with such a charming name, isn't there?

I have no doubt at all that a charity calling itself "Common Purpose" would intend nothing else but the best for humankind. In other words: I felt sure by doing a little research I should easily find reliable independent sources giving evidence of that all these leaders beyond authority are kind humans.

Unfortunately, up til now I could not find any reliable independant source telling something positive about Common Purpose.

Still, there is some hope.

The altruistic leaders beyond any authority are weaving their net in quite a few countries. And as when a boy I was lazy in learning vocabularies I do not speak as many languages as I should like being able to speak [today].
Therefore I asked some colleagues in various countries to find as much evidence as possible that Common Purpose is as charitable, humanitarian and philantropic as they are telling on their websites.
As soon as there is a positive feedback I shall let you know.

Meanwhile I can unfortunately recommend just websites where you would find nasty bloggers writing nasty things about Common Purpose.
To me it sounds like a conspiracy theory. But who am I to judge what is right, and what is wrong?

The best will be you take your time, read carefully and form your own opinion.

The following five should be read one by one :

Well, and even the Devil in his kitchen has obviously "been aware of Common Purpose for some time and may well write about it at some stage". In the meantime, he offers to watch a video about "this rather sinister organisation".

Apropos "sinister": He did not use one of his favourite words which sounds like the name of a great German philosopher, and therefore I hope there is still hope.

Dum spiro spero.


Additional you may find shallow information about GSI (Government security net) here.

The Peace of the Night! :)