Sunday, October 28, 2007

Three questions just for common purpose

Isn't it strange what questions occur, when one is interested in everything, which is Omnium?

And do I need (to?) say that I should not ask following questions, if I were not convinced they are being asked for common purpose?

a) What has the Council of European Jaamat
in common with
the Criminal Records Bureau?

b) What common purpose let the the Criminal Records Bureau decide to award 32.000 pounds of its "challenge fund" to an organisation calling itself Common Purpose, and what was the quid pro pro?

c) What is the criminal record of Common Purpose?


  1. Answer to a:
    The Council of European Jamaats (CoEJ) is registered as an umbrella body with the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB).

    b: Good question
    c: Good question

    Please advise should you arrive at any answers.


  2. Very good questions, Sean. You're all really starting to scare me now!