Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Le petit verbicide

A certain Professor Le Grand seems to have very special ideas how to change so-called health habits of Her Majesty's subjects, of course on behalf of common purpose.

By the way, Mr Grand would call his (?) proposals "libertarian paternalism".

That is why le petit verbicide landed well-deserved in the devil's kitchen.


  1. Not only common purpose, but le Grand knows Geoff Mulgan, of "Demos", and "The Young Foundation", very well.

    Both le Grand and Mulgan were policy advisers at No. 10.

  2. Interesting reading. Without tackiness here and there, the whole would have been even more convincing. :)
    Following all links being offered, trying to verify and putting together the tesserae, will take a while.
    For a native speaker it would definitively be a little easier.

    Anyway, thank you for widening my horizon. :)

  3. Sic, James.
    Someone once defined cynism as the intellectual cripple's substitute for intelligence. :)