Thursday, October 18, 2007

Shit happens

Wanderer, if you come to Harran, beware of your peristalsis.

Short Postskriptum:

Dear readers,
to find the four letter word in the title above, undoubtedly will have irritated your eyes, as you would not expect such a word when visiting this blog.

Let me, therefore, try to explain what let me feel the urgent need to confront you with an aprosdoketon of this kind.

Originally, of course, I pondered about headlines such as

Modern twin town of Gotham and Schilda found(ed) in Turkey


Yippie yippie yooh: Turkey ripe for the EU


A (septic) tank is not a tank is not a tank . . .

[if you don't believe me, ask General Büyükanit]

Considering - for various reasons, which to elucidate would take too long - all these headlines too long, I went on rummaging all shelves and drawers in the delivering room of my thoughts, when suddenly the poison cupboard fell open.
Probably my fault, as I suppose I did not lock it properly when lodging the latest word I had found when visiting . . . ah, I should rather not tell.

Anyway, what a mess. Fortunately, not all words had dropped out; still, more than you would find in the Devil's Kitchen, and therefore it took me quite a while to put them all back.

Ah well, as you have come to know and appreciate I am not a man of many words and thus far from being blithering, chatty, gabby, garrulous, gossipy, loquacious and so on, to meet your expectations I shall cut this long story roundly short, and - the more as I am convinced that brevity is the soul of the wit - immediately come to the essential inheritent interior essence which is hidden in the root of the kernel of everything:

Yes, for about half an hour, or so, I contemplated following alternative.

Dark matter happens

But this would have been the more irritating, wouldn't it?

And, after all: Shit is part of Omnium, isn't it? :)


  1. Say no more.

    I have the complete unadulterated picture.

  2. Hahahaha.....)))
    Btw, since when are German's mature..))
    Only a stupid question..)))

  3. Ardent,
    your unsparing animadversion on the fact that a "luxurious toilet" [...] could not be put into service for the past eight months, as the toilet doesn't have a septic tank, is being noted with sympathy.

    Having Flemish ancestors in my family, Franks, Rhinelanders, Friesians, Chileans, Pomeranian, Caucasians plus some landed gentry,
    my mature reply is: No. :)

  4. Sir - or should I say Mylady? :) -
    thank you very much for the recommendation; I am visiting this site frequently, but had not read this very article, yet.

    One urgent request: In case you wish to continue (virtual) communication, I should like to know who you are.

    You may contact me via
    Sean dot Jeating at gmail dot com

    I can assure that I am a "fossil", i.e.: On request strict confidentiality is guaranteed.

    The Peace of the Night! :)

  5. Thank you kindly for that, sean.
    Fossil is good.
    In a few days <:-)

  6. What a pity, James.
    But, indeed: Perhaps (not: probably) less had been more.
    Judging harsh, myself, I should diagnose an advanced case of logorrhoea. ;)