Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Lateral thinkers' thoughts

Do I need to assure that I do like Mr Cheney less than Mr Bush, and Mr Ahmadinejad about as much as Mr Bush and Mr bin Laden?

Having written this I do recommend reading following articles:

What did he say? by Ian Appleby,

and this one by Mark LeVine.

And afterwards, please take your time and ponder these thoughts.

No time? :) Ah, perhaps you just do not want to?


  1. I don't like any of them either!


  2. :) Ardent,
    the reason why I recommend(ed) to read both articles, was that despite all aversion on this side of the medal it is good / necessary / important to have a look on the other side.
    Hm. :)
    And our planet neither happening to be flat nor a medal, implicates there are a few more than two sides to look at.

  3. Edward the Bono!!

  4. Now, that's not only a surprise, Hans. That's a serendipity.
    Up til now I did only know Sir Bono.
    Therefore, I thought Edward de Bono were a descendant of Bono, thus de Bono.
    Doing a little research, I realized immediately, though, the startling resemblance of Mr. de Bono's cadences of prose to the characteristic style of the notorious de Selby, whose mental ejaculations (sic) in parts are to be found in the work of Flann O'Brian, and who has been missing since.
    Great hint, Hans. My heart is rising like a falcon. One of my lifelong quests seems to have found a happy end. :)