Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Dark matter happens

Seems I decided in favour of the title heading my latest post, because my (sub-) conscience felt/knew that I should not waste a title as to be found above now, in order to just satisfy my sometimes strange sense of humour.

Indeed, and seriously, dear readers:

Dark matter happens

As to be seen above: Turkish readers visiting my blog are obviously not supposed to see my "visible" support for freedom of speech in their country.

Would you call this democracy, Mr. Gül?

Or would you call censorship an act of "libertarian paternalism", ordered by for common pupose?


  1. Or would you call censorship an act of "libertarian paternalism",

    A very good question, Mr Jeating.

    It is strange how words go "Poof" <(:-)
    Best regards

  2. One would like to think such people would get theirs but sadly, I think they'll prevail.

  3. My brain agrees, James, my blood does not.

    sorry for replying late:
    Yes, some people play fast and loose with language.