Thursday, October 25, 2007

Let's brain dance

It's nice to let one's brain dance.

Enjoy yourselves. :)


  1. Very good, Sean, a good find.
    Of course, it only predicts for right handed people, and then not 100%.
    If one is left handed, the lists should be reversed.
    Shamans use herbal preparations to chemically, temporarily, separate the two brain halves totally.
    In this way the shaman can enter, and influence (if the skill-level is developed enough) a group/cultural sub-conscious.
    Causality is then in question, as future desired events can be brought about. Or maybe time is not linear.
    Now that is a brain spinner. <(:-)

  2. Predominantly a right hander, for me the lady in the beginning turned clockwise; but after a while I got her turning right and left.
    My closest friend does even swear high heaven he is watching a couple dancing tango.
    As Tetrapilotomos did only recently return from a trip to the Peruvian rainforest, I suspect, this phenomenon is due to half a thimble of Ayahuasca. :)

  3. I was thinking of the Amahuaca Indians of Brazil.
    But also the natives of the Gilbert Isles, in the Pacific.
    Also the Nagajnek Indians of Alaska.
    And the Ona tribe in Tierra Del Fuego.
    Of course, they don't have access to the same herbs.
    BUT, it is a global phenom.
    Therefor herbs are only an adjunct.
    An ability being lost as we, - erm - evolve? <(:-)

  4. Oh, I should add.
    The Gilbert Isles, was entry, and speaking to, and influencing a different species, - porpoise, from a great distance, now that is something!

    Un-related, but interesting, -
    Given Neanderthal cranial capacity of c.2,000cc, and ours of c.1,400cc, well...........

    Does your friend Tetra have any thoughts?

  5. Beginning at the end:
    a) I shall ask him as soon as possible. For the past days he has been busy with pre-assyrian philately. :)
    b) are you refering to the common/harbour purpoise (phocoena spinispinnis)?

    And now for your first reply on my reply:
    Hm, once one fruit of my loins remarked: Given it's correct that the encyclopedic knowledge/the knowledge of the world is being doubled every seven years, the longer I go to school the less I learn.
    Having said this, I do confess: Calling me semi-educated would be exaggerating. My knowledge is somewhere at 0,000...?

    And that is why I do appreciate everybody who is - and here, Bill (?), I do repeat myself - is trying to widen my horizon.


    Yes, I know - and (sometimes) I do like to know - that people/readers sometimes are not sure if I am joking or not, but:
    In this case: No joking at all.

    The Peace of the Night to you and those who happen to read this. :)

  6. Sean, to answer your question.
    The porpoise species was not identified.
    The book
    Pattern of Islands, 1952, by Sir Arthur Francis Gimble, who was Land Commissioner for The Gilbert Islands.
    An Autobiography describing his 5 years experiences on the Island. It was a best-seller.

    To the fruit of your loins, I would say, that as long as they could double their knowledge in less than seven years, then it would be worthwhile to keep learning <(:-)

    And the Peace of the Night to you too.

  7. Sean, this is freaky. Initially the lady turned anti-clockwise. Then if I would focus and blink, the lady turned clockwise. After a while she was merely moving her leg left to right then back again without completely turning.

    I'm starting to feel inadequate, that there may be something wrong with my brain.
    Moral - One cannot believe what you see.


  8. Ardent,
    don't worry, be happy, and never stop enjoying your brain dancing! :)

    Indeed: It is amazing.

    What I do personally like best: I can be serious, logic, ironic, silly, romantic, acid etc.; I can think I am very experienced and know all tricks - and then, out of the blue, I do learn something new.
    And suddenly the "old man" is flabbergasted like a little boy.

    Ah, life can be wonderful, is full of wonders.

    Have a wonderful Sunday. :)