Thursday, November 22, 2007

109,263 tiny mistakes

Knowledge is power.

The President of the United States is (said to be) the most powerful human being on this planet.

George Walker Bush gained his knowledge in Texas.

This explains a lot.


  1. The sums for the cost of the Iraq war were certainly wrong. But then again, there were a lot of variables that one had to consider.

    Rather complicated Maths.

  2. James,
    I shall forward the compliment to the U.S.-genii.

    right you are. Only yesterday I came to know that George Doubleyou has been told three Brazilian soldiers were killed in Iraq.
    It is said that Bush went pale and asked: "Just exactly how many is a brazillion?"

    I knew you would like it. :)

  3. Thank you dear, dear friend. In my search for a clever blog, I certainly stumbled on an island of love and appreciation.

    Claude, formely from Houston, Texas.

  4. Claude, poor thing. This explains a lot. My deepest sympathy. :)

  5. You're to be pitied if you believe all you read in newspapers. Specially if you consult only one-sided-opinions.
    You still have a long way to go, Sean. Life can be very tiring.
    Bon courage et bonne chance.