Saturday, December 01, 2007

Pen and ink make me think

Hm. Yes. Extraordinarily busy not writing, for a while, I've been.

Not writing? Well, rather I should write posting.

It's been nice, for a change, using the long neglected pen.

Dipping the pen into the ink pot makes me think much more concentrated.

It's not such easy to delete typos or "wrongly" chosen words.

And, although a beloved person once told/taught me that "the perfectionism is the enemy of the good", I am still trying to be (as) perfect (as possible).

:))) No. Not in English.
When using the pen(cil) I do still prefer the language I sucked from my mother's breasts.

And therefore you will not read here what I put to paper during the past fortnight.

Perhaps - who knows - one day someone who sucked the English language from his mother's breasts will translate it in a hopefully congenial way. :)

Before, though, you may read some most imperfect posts.

The peace of the night. :)


  1. Dear Sean, I must inform you of some inconvenient information. You have been tagged. Therefore you must divulge 7 personal facts about yourself.

    I hope that you can find time to comply with this request. Look forward to reading your response.


  2. Sean, it is amazing that you gained so much intellect sucking your mother's breast.

    This information leads me to conclude that my son's dismissive attitude to all things, means that I did not breast feed him enough!


  3. Ardent,
    there was no doubt I should politely reject in case I were ever to be tagged.

    But for you I'll make an exception, whereby you learnt already two "things" about me: For me dogmata don't exist; and sometimes I am inconsequent. :)

    As for your comment:
    The following will hopefully prevent you from any self-approaches.
    Many intellectuals are nothing but intelligent people without brain.

  4. Interesting ideas about the differences between writing with a pen and typing, Sean.