Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas! :)

Yes, I am agnostic.
But as you see my family and I do love to celebrate Christmas our way - joyful and without any hectic.

Indeed, when thinking of you having such wonderful days as we are allowed to live I do feel happy for you. :)


Merry Christmas to you and the yours!

And what would Christmas be without wonderful music.

As most of you would not understand the original German version by Josef Mohr (1816) I thought you might like to listen "Silent Night" in Gaelic. :)

And as it was not on his list, the following song I dedicate to a very special Yorkshireman living in Russia:

May you decide, which version you like best. Here's to you, James! :)

The "Ave Maria" by Mario Lanza, (in the film "The Great Caruso), by Luciano Pavarotti, (Christmas 1975 in Notre Dame) and by Sarah Brightman.

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  1. Sean, I loved listening to Silent night and Ave Maria. What a lovely and sentimental post. Wishing you and your family a joyous festive season.

  2. Lovely pic. I'm agnostic too and feel much as you do. Buon Natale, Sean.

  3. Ardent,
    lovely you enjoyed the music. And thank you very much for your good wishes. Sláinte! :)

    mille grazie per la tua auguri. Buon Natale anche a te e Simi. :)

  4. Merry Christmas Sean, and to your family. Lovely posting..))

  5. Well I'm Catholic, but I'm not a Xmas fan. I like the time off.

    Oh, and the sales.

  6. Hans,
    thanks a lot. May the snail bring you loads of long handwritten letters. :)

    no news for a reader of yours.
    Birmingham winning 3:0 surely completed your contentment. :)

  7. Guten Tag Sean,

    From me, too, best wishes for the next year.

    I was listening to Enyia's "Stille Nacht" in Gaelic. Splendid. We have several recordings from her and I always thought that she is a great musician in every respect. Thanks for sharing this.


  8. Georg,
    thank you very much.
    May 2008 bring lots of health, joy and inspiration to a tiny village in France which is / ought to be known as the world's navel. :)