Wednesday, December 12, 2007

... and it is still rising :)

All morning I hesitated, because I’d not like being thought a trumpeter.

On the other side, it is nice to get kind compliments from time to time, isn’t it?
Thus, be it!

This morning, visiting my dear “seldom boring”s I’d find this at Ardent Observation.

Immediately filled with joy, my heart rose like a falcon up to the sky, and ...

... it is still rising. :)

Thanks, Ardent! The caricature is a marvellous match to the quote!

In case it ever does, as soon as my heart has safely returned to its home base there might be another post tonight.


  1. It is very humourous: the quotation and the cartoon. And (sadly) so very true.

    You did good to bring it to our attention. And Ardent to emphasize it.

    Nearly 2 years later, and still appropriate. Will we ever learn?