Monday, December 03, 2007

Ardently asked for seven facts

Being "ardently" asked to "divulge seven facts" about myself, fulfilling this wish although when starting my expedition into the blogosphere I was (and still am) determined to politely reject in case of getting tagged, implicates ...

fact 1: I am inconsequent ... now and then. :)
Putting this insufficiency of character posivitely: I like it to make people happy. :)

fact 2: I do like (subtle) irony: Once telling a bookseller about my difficulties with learning Irish, he would nod and say: "Well, it needs a bit intelligence."

fact 3: 1. Once coquetting with Buñuel ("I'm atheist ... thank God"), by default of the perfect term I do call myself an agnostic; still I made Lough Derg and climbed Croagh Patrick on my bare feet; and while some people would burn flags because of a book they did not read, I read the books and would not burn flags, if anybody would call a stray dog Sean. :)

fact 4: books. There are about 3,000 in the shelves around me, and - I did even read them. :)
Being asked which one I'd take "to the island", I could not decide and would therefore prefer lots of papers and pens, so that I could write the stories I want to read, myself. :)

fact 5: In my very first school report the lady teacher remarked: "Sean is neat and industrious although very idiosyncretic".

fact 6: I am (mostly) trying to do unto others as I would have others do unto me.

fact 7: Therefore - will you please forgive me , Ardent? -, I shall not tag anybody else. :)


  1. Sean, I have been visiting your site waiting for the 7 sins to be published, not realizing they were filed there all the time.

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post. Your writing style is very entertaining. Thank-you for participating.


  2. Ah, Ardent, thanks for your lenity, thanks for your kind words, and sorry for unintentionally irritating you.

    You see, trying to tell seven sins I would not remember one. So I asked my closest friend.
    "Seven sins?" Tetrapilotomos murmured. "One would not even find a stone in your glass house."


    Hours later it crossed my mind that I do not live in a glass house. Thus, getting a little puzzled I apprized Tetrapilotomos of my quick, acute, and intuitive cognition.
    "Don't worry", he said, "rather be happy you do not have an average chimpanzee's memory."

    Isn't it a gift to have such a friend?
    And one day, I am quite optimistic,
    I shall even entirely understand the wisdom which is hidden behind his words. :)

  3. Indeed, nice reading, interesting points, especially: I am an atheist, thank god..)

  4. Book... surrounded by 3000... I did even read them.

    Ditto, surrounded by thousands but I am definitely behind in the game, for they appealed to me when I bought them but I am falling behind in the reading, especially as I patronize the library as well. So many books, so little time.

  5. Hans,
    U is wel vriendelijk. :)

    cherchez la femme. :)
    And thanks for the link!

    what a pleasure for my eyes. Thanks for visiting and ... offering me the chance to ask my readers to add two words to this very passage: "most of".
    Actually, I did f.e. not read all 20,000 Goethe-pages; on the other hand I enjoy(ed) reading quite a few books several times. ... Ah, perhaps this could become an interesting post.
    Anyway, as for your final sentence, jmb: One of the best reasons to become (at least)113, would you agree? :)

    In this sense, good health to you all, the peace of the night, and when opening your eyes again: A relaxing, inspiring and joyful Sunday.