Friday, November 09, 2007

A Fortune for Talking Blairney

What might, f.e. an engine-driver grossing about 2.100 Euro think when reading this?

500.000 pound plus an offer to give Tony Blair a 2,4 million-villa for "talking Blairney"?!

As one who would not envy a Ronaldinho or any other "star", because being offered such sums I should not deny, I do just ask:

Why would people pay such astronomic sums for ... almost nothing?

Why would - to give just another example - the German power company ENBW while announcing the necessity of rising energy prices, offer Al Gore 180.000 Dollars to appear in front of a handpicked audience?

Why would Al Gore demand: No photos during the event, no quotes, no articles?

Did he tell something different to his handpicked audience?

If not: why did ENBW-chairman Utz Claassen not charter a cinema for his "friends" / clientele? Would have been a tiny bit cheaper, wouldn't it?

Thus: Cui bono?

Who does get what advantage / profit when paying a fortune for ... almost nothing?

Apropos Al Gore: A well deserved laudation on (of? - ah these prepositions!) the "Peace"-Nobel Prize Winner and on the Nobel Prize Committee you will find here.

As for the rest:
Well, it's said the devil would always relieve himself on the biggest heap.

The Peace of the Night!


  1. Hi, Sean. Why they pay so much to hear these people speak is a mystery to me, too! Pace.

  2. Why would Al Gore demand: No photos during the event, no quotes, no articles?

    Skin blemishes, I suspect.

  3. Welsh,
    there ought to be a quid pro quo, and I do wonder what it is.

    are you sure that's all? :)

  4. People here in Adelaide are still mad about the heist that Cherie Blair made here in her mortgage pay off swoop through Adelaide a few years ago. That and Rudy Giuliani, who did a similar fundraising visit for a local organisation and no funds were raised.