Friday, April 03, 2009

100 Hours of Astronmy

Lucky who has an observatory in his neighbourhood, especially these days.
Those who haven't can let their eyes travelling around the clock via Internet.

And here's, for a beginning, 'a bit more' about the International Year of Astronomy.
Well, actually it's quite a lot to discover. :)

Check around and enjoy.


  1. If only I had one hundred spare hours...

  2. Claudia,
    credit where credit is due. This post was / is just the (spontaneous) result of a phone-call with the astrophyscist who's voluntary sharing his knowledge with dilettantes like me visiting his university's observatory, these days.

    mostly when we say 'I have no time' we are just not able to organise 'our time'.
    In this very case you are right, though.
    'Of course', we / most people are not able to take the (generously) offered chance of diving into the universe. Somehow a pity.
    On the other hand, it's the so-called 'Year of Astronomy'; there'll certainly be some more events.
    Phew, this c o u l d become a post about 'time'. :)

  3. Absolutely amazing that I can visit a friend's blogsite who lives in Germany, who can direct me to an observatory and free public activities happening close to my neighbourhood.

    Well done, Sean.

  4. Jams,
    glad you enjoyed.
    The astrophysicist and his collegeagues could welcome many visitors; especially those who had come from far away, had been wiser to watch the mentioned website, though, as both Saturday and Sunday evening except of sometimes a bit of the moon and of Saturn there was nothing to watch, as 'just in time', ten minutes before the beginning of the event. it became pretty cloudy.

    isn't it? Why else would I not have been visiting my 'Seldom borings' for a couple of days?
    Ah, may I never run out of excuses. :)

    this is what friends are for, hm? :)
    And? Did you find a chance to visit your observatory. I bet there were no clouds upt there, down under.